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Friday, July 10, 2009

Finding Phillip...Low Impact Hiking the Colorado Trail

Since we are now off the Appalachian Trail due to Sheila's minor setback of having leukemia we are now hiking vicariously through our good friend Low Impact. He is currently hiking the 500 mile Colorado Trail from Denver to Durango. He has just hit the halfway point and is hiking with his friend Bones. It has been great for me and Sheila to follow along on Facebook, his blog, and through his mobile uploads. I have included a couple of his videos incase anyone was curious about long distance hiking. I have to warn you that one of them is very graphic and shows what happens to some...ok.....many hikers after going hundreds of miles through the mountains! Here are some of his links and videos:


Descending Mt. Ebert....

Toll of 250 Miles......
Warning!!! This one is GRAPHIC!!

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