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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independance Day!!!

Well here we are spending the 4th of July at Arlington Memorial Hospital! Sheila is doing great, we are waiting a few days to have another bone marrow biopsy done as right now the word from the doctors is that there is still "blast" in her marrrow. Depending on the results of this next bone marrow biopsy (number 4!) she may need another round of chemo. We are hoping that if the infection and resulting surgery on her arm starts looking better, than maybe the next round of chemo could be as an outpatient! As you can see Sheila still has her AT haircut and has not lost any hair due to chemo. If you are wondering about the pink arm "warmers" they are something new that the hospital just started doing to show that she cannot have any IV's, blood drawn or pressure checked in either arm. Sheila I think likes them as a fashion statement because they go so well with her hiking fleece sleeping socks! Thats about it for today, I think they will give her another unit of platelets today. Thats the part of your blood that makes it clot. She also has continous antibiotics to fight the infection as her immune system is at zero right now.

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