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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Indian Givers

Today the oncologist came in and took back the good news he gave us yesterday. Yesterday he said that the "blast" (leukemia imature cells as I undestand it) was absent in Sheila's blood samples and that was great news as she would not need another round of chemo right away. Today he said he was waiting on the results from the latest tests as some of the preliminary tests did show blast cells in her blood. This was a let down for us but it is still in line with normal treatment and is nothing to be alarmed about, at least not yet. The final tests will come back in a couple days and we hope it will be more good news.
Also this morning when they changed and repacked the open surgery wound on her arm they debraided it (removed some dead tissue) and repacked it with a special gauge that has silver in it to fight any bad microbes. It will also turn into a gel to keep the wound moist as the nurse thought it was drying out alittle more than she liked. Sheila takes a shot dolotin (not sure of spelling) before this procedure and it usually makes her sick to her stomach. Today it went very good and she is trying to sleep until it wears off and before her lunch arrives in the room.
So it looks like we are back to waiting on results from the tests and to see what comes next. Sheila is in good spirits and feels good most of the time. I know it is hard for her to be cooped up in this hospital. She cannot even leave the room for fear of catching an infection. Hopefully we will get more encouraging news tomorrow.

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