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Friday, July 17, 2009

North Winds Blow into Texas

Last night two of Sheila's sisters flew in from Michigan. They are staying at the WE CARE INC. house with us and Carol gave them their own room. This morning we all went to IHOP for breakfast. They brought Sheila a couple of hats and a bandana to wear. We are hanging out at the house just resting and snacking. I have kept busy by cleaning out the gutters on the house for Carol. It is fantastic for Sheila to have some of her family here to laugh and joke and talk with. I just got done changing the dressing on her arm and it seems to be actually healing now that she has white blood cells to fight off infection and help her heal. All that will change once she gets back on chemo Monday as her white count will go back down to zero. For now though its good to see her having a good time with her sisters!

P.S. The Cover picture is of me and Toesocks paddling on Caddo Lake in East Texas with our new Spadderdock (lily pad) sun hats! Somehow this fashion statement never really caught on.

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