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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Waiting Game

Well is is now day 11 after Sheila's first round of chemo ended. Her regular oncologist has been out of town to his daughter's wedding and I think the doctors filling in for him are unsure or afraid to do anything until he gets back. He should be in today and we hope to hear what comes next. She is still being pumped full of antibiotics to fight off the infection in her arm and the open wound left after the surgery is looking a little better. They say she has to stay in the hospital until her white cell count improves as she has no immune system still. We also heard that another bone marrow biopsy will probably be next to see if chemo round number 2 is in order. The worse part is just sitting here day after day not knowing what comes next. Sheila is feeling fine and her hair is starting to fall out from the chemo. Her appetite is good and she is out of bed all the time but cannot leave her room due to being neutropenic.
That's about it for today, just wanted to give everyone an update. Well we were wanting another adventure and we sure got one. Just be careful of what you wish for. Hiking to Mt. Kathadin in Maine seems like a walk in the park compared to this!

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