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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Winds Headed in a Northerly Direction

Today Sheila had day 2 of consolodation chemo. It requires her going into the infusion center on day 1 and 2 and staying there until a red colored chemo is given through her CVC port. At the same time she is connected to a fanny pack with a 5 day drip going all the time until it is finished on Saturday. She can go where she wants with this pack of 5 day chemo and even has to have it connected while she showers. So far things are going good and she has to go in tomorrow to see the surgeon so he can look at her arm and see if if needs debraiding and/or a graft to heal it up. We are hoping that after this round of chemo she will be given a break so that her white cell count can come back up and let her arm heal properly. Also today her sisters, Ulonda and Arlene flew back to Michigan. They have helped out tremendously, cleaning, shopping and doing laundry and just visiting has been good for Sheila.

P.S. The cover picture this time is of us sport touring Colorado on the Kawasaki.

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