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Friday, August 21, 2009

August snow reported in Michigan

After what was to be the coldest July on record in Michigan it has just been reported recently that snow has fallen for the first time there in the month of August. It has also been observed that all the four winged humming birds have started their southerly migration to ..........the planet Adnolu. Yes folks, the lady who first shocked the birding community with reports of four winged humming birds is out of the hospital after spending several weeks under observation. She now states that the whole story was fabricated to cover up the fact that she had been abducted by aliens. She further states that she has proof positive that the world climate is not warming but in fact is getting colder! When it was pointed out to her that she lives damn near the north pole, all she could say was, "By God, just look out the window, it's snowing I tell ya!" She went on to say that aliens had dropped into her farm to refuel, it seems their mothership runs on maple syrup and that they befriended her when she offered them some of her "famous" pecan pie. They brought the humming birds with them to leave at the northern most parts of the country to make people think the climate must be getting warmer she went on to say. Apparently they didn't know that humming birds on earth have only two wings! She believed they were also introducing fish into her "fish" ponds that previously "contained no fish". When asked where their home planet Adnolu was located the best she could respond was, " I am not exactly sure but I think it is below the bridge somewhere".

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