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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Can I have seconds on whole blood please?

We are right now at the hospital getting Shelia's transfusion. The room is not unlike the Infusion Center's room where she had her second round of chemo and where we go for her frequent blood work at the Arlington Cancer Center. It is a big room with about a half dozen recliners for the patients and other chairs for the visitors. Right now there are three adults and one young girl getting blood or platelets or other treatments in this room with us. One of the nurses , Gerry Ann, Sheila remembered from her one month stay in the hospital. Another nurse who we had not met, but heard about is Fatima. She had the tragedy of having her son shot and murdered while Sheila was in the hospital here. My daughter Jacki had told me of a shooting in her Mom's neighborhood in which a boy she knew shot a brother of a girl he was dating. It turned out to be this Fatima's son! Fatima is from Jordan and was having problems raising her teenage boy herself and was saving money to send him back to Jordan to live with and be disciplined by the male members of her family there. Needless to say he did not make it. The kid who did the shooting has been on the run ever since and I still don't know if they have caught him. What a shame that now two mothers have lost there sons at such a young age due to teenage problems that are getting more and more common.
It is now 12:17 and Sheila is more than half way through her second unit of blood. It takes about and hour and a half per bag of blood to work it's way into her IV port. These units of blood should help with her fatigue. 12:23 now...they are unhooking the IV and she should be able to leave pretty soon. They served her lunch but all she ate was the fruit cocktail. Gotta go Sheila is done!
3:22PM OK......home now, went out to eat at Grandy's and looked for a pair of running shoes for me at two stores but no luck, will try again after the weekend......too many crowds of people milling about not knowing what the hell they came in the store for!

Today's cover shot is of Sheila having a good Ramen Noodle lunch camped out on the deck of the MV Malaspina of Alaska's Marine Highway Ferry system. After a week of kayak camping out in the Misty Fjords we hopped on board the ferry and duct tapped our tent to the deck so it wouldn't blow over board and then just camped out and watched Alaska's Inside Passage go right by our tent door! You can get on and off where you want and see Alaska much better and CHEAPER than on any cruise-ship type cruise.

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