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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Chemo Tomorrow (Hope it's the Last One!)

Tomorrow 9AM (Monday) we have to go to the Cancer Center for lab work, which I am sure will be all good thanks to a week off. Then at 10AM we go to see the doctor and should be scheduled to start Sheila's last "planned" round of chemo. If all goes as planned she will get some premeds then start a backpack full of chemo to run one day. Then on Tuesday the backpack will come off. Wednesday another day of with the backback and off for Thursday. Friday it should run for one last day, then lab work every 2-3 days to watch her blood counts come back up. We are hoping it will all come back quickly enough for us to fly up north for Thanksgiving.

Pic Today: Tents on the Appalachian Trail 2008

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