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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dan the Man Goes Home

After we finished with the Cancer Center today we called Yolonda to find out how Dan was doing. She said he was feeling good and waiting to be discharged. WOW, he really dodged a bullet on that one. In the hospital for intense chest pains one day and sent home the next after having two stints placed in his arteries! I am so relieved he is OK. We just came home from Cheddars where we had lunch and are going to relax at the house today. Nothing new here except trying to make sure we are able to fly to New England for Thanksgiving. Sheila is wearing her surgical mask when we go out and trying to avoid any crowds and are using Germ-X like there is no tomorrow. We just have to get her blood counts up to normal so that we can get out if here on the 24th!

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