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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Getting Down To The Wire

UPDATE : Sheila

Last night Sheila had some bad back pain and was up most of the night. A long massage and some Advil seemed to help. When we got to the Cancer Center today we told the nurses about the pain and as we already knew the neupergen shots she has been getting daily have a side effect of intense pain in the joints and bones. The plus side is they are supposed to help get her white cell count to come back up. Since we got home she took half of a pain pill and went to sleep.


I just got off the phone with Dan and he sounds like he is doing great. He went home on Sunday from the hospital and tomorrow goes right back to work. He is sore and black and blue where the inserted the catheter in his leg to run the stints near his heart. I am surprised he went home and is doing this good this fast. Technology is amazing!

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