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Thursday, November 12, 2009

We Care House Preparing to 'bug out' for Thanksgiving

We went to the ACC today as usual for Sheila's antibiotics and nupergen shot. Tomorrow we have lab work to see if her blood counts have bottomed out yet. I think they probably have and she is wearing a mask now when she goes out just to be on the safe side. No other treatments are planned as yet but i think she will probably need more blood or platelets before the counts return to normal. Tomorrow we will know more. Mikey and Greg have been having a rough time of it lately but today got good news from the doctor and it looks like they will make it home to their ranch in Kansas for Thanksgiving. This is fantastic news because they have been here so long without being able to go home. Josh and Leetha are here but keep mostly to themselves in their room so we don't really know how they are doing. Everyone hopes to get out of here for the holiday though. Sheila is feeling quite good since she got the whole blood and that should only get better as long as she doesn't have to endure any chemo. So far things are looking good for everyone to get home!!!

On another note two of my sisters (Christine and Sue) have adapted dogs recently even though they both have a dog or two already. I know that the two dogs they rescued are very lucky to have found homes with them!! Here are some pics of Sadie and Cali

Sadie needs a good home!

Sadie safe and happy at home with Ruger

Cali also needing a good home

Cali safe at Sue's with Chase!

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