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Saturday, January 2, 2010

1100 Miles of......Car Dealerships, Fast Food Joints, Adult Video Arcades, Hotel Chains and Gawdy on the American Highway!

Well we drove 700 miles yesterday into  Pensacola Florida way after dark and saw only the same things we see in Dallas along the highways.....URBAN BLIGHT! Today we had another 400 miles to Sarasota Florida of these same fun filled sights! Funny how you travel across the entire country just to see the same old crap littering the roadsides, and I am not talking about the ususal rubbage. I am talking about the same gas station, food, hotel, car dealer chains and all the billboards trying to sell you something from, lawyer services to XXX videos, from vasectomys to belly band procedures!!! All the while passing cars and trucks with overstuffed people hauling behind them even more vehicles in trailers- four wheelers and jet skis, motorcycles and golf carts to propel them on their way to some other kind of vehicular entertainment. Does anyone ever get out of their damn cars anymore?  If they do it seems only to climb into or onto something else that will haul them around for a few giggle and grins! You dont even have to get out of the car to feed your face these days! Guess I am just burnt out from two days of non stop interstate abuse!!! Tomorrow we head for Everglades National Park and then the Florida Keys! I need some unpopulated open space and a long walk and mountain bike ride!!!

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