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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Night at The Museum

Last night we spent the night on Rose Island, an uninhabitated island in Narragansett Bay with a lighthouse built in the 1800's. It has been restored back to what it would have looked liked while housing a Keeper and his family in the late 1800's. The first floor is still a museum open to the public during the day but at night guests are allowed to spend the night in one of the two rooms  the Keeper's family would have used. what an amazing place to spend the night. We had a lobster boat bring us to the island as the ferry only runs there in the summer months. During WWII the military stored toepedoes and ammo on the island and had a garrison of Marines stationed there to provide security. You can see remnents of old Fort Hamilton and go in the restored barracks building. The island is still a mine field of sorts, since now the geese and gulls have invaded and deposited their "personel mines" on just about every square inch of the island! You cannot take more than two steps with out being a casualty! We walked completely around the island as soon as we landed and climbed up into the lantern room (lighthouse tower) for a birds eye veiw of the island. At night the Newport Bridge was all lit up and looked like it was just outside our window. Both the sunset and sunrise were unbelievable and I got several great shots! There was just one other couple on the island while we were there and they stayed upstairs in the weekly Keepers Quarters. We did not even meet them until the boat came to get us this morning. 

Toesocks stirring the rainwater
cistern in the lighthouse cellar.
Also empting a wine bottle to make
sea glass!

Lighthouse at sundown

Self propelled portrait

Sunset at the dock

Making clam-chowder

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