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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Back in Dallas, but not for Long!


“To live outside the law, you must be honest.”

-Bob Dylan

    We got back to the DFW Metroplex this morning after camping overnight at Meridian State Park. We got to Meridian just as the sun was starting to shine after two long days of rain. We hiked all the way around Meridian Lake on the trail and though we had to cross several swollen streams, we managed to only get our feet wet. Had a great day hiking and then as the sun set we drove up to an overlook of the lake and hiked out to a rocky outcropping and watched the sunset as several ducks and some coots made their way paddling across the lake. We are now at In Town Suites, an extended stay motel that we have used before and it is quite comfortable with a fridge, cooktop and microwave. It will be nice to stay in once place for awhile during Sheila's check ups. If all the results are still positive we plan to head this time to the west coast and see some of California. I am still working on what areas we will visit but I would like to see the Channel Islands and Yosemite, but will have to see what the snow pack looks like up in the mountains first.

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