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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Crescent City to Grants Pass, OR. to Redding, CA

Today we left Crescent City and decided to turn inland and head into Grants Pass, Oregon. The mountain pass roads have had some closings due to snow and we did'nt want to get caught up in the mountains with our tire chains. So we decided once we made it to Grants pass we would connect up with I-5 and head south back through California but between the Coast Ranges of mountains and the High Sierras. We made it over the highest pass on I-5, Siskiyou Pass, and the roads were in pefect condition and the sun was shining bright. Snow was everywhere in the mountains around us but the road was clear. There were lots of signs that said to put on tire chains when the sign was blinking and I would not want to drive an over loaded Focus staion wagon through in those conditions. Many of the trucks were struggling to make the summits and the roads going down were all 6 and 7 percent grades, very steep and winding. We soon had Mt. Shasta out in front of us and it was covered in very deep snow well down below its 14,162 foot peak! many cars were pulled over taking pictures and it was a fantastic site shining in the bright sunlight. We stopped early today inn Redding, California because we saw signs for the Sundial Bridge and decided to check it out. it turned out this is a world famous bridge with a glass roadway and a single tower that is actually a giant sundial. We will bike the bridge and check out the trails along the Sacramento River in the morning.


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