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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oxnard to Big Sur and Monterey Bay

Yesterdqay we drove the most scenic road we have been on so far. The cliffs and rugged coast of Big Sur and Monterey Bay. We stopped at Morro Rock to see Perigrine Falcons and to watch the surfers then went on to the most rugged coastline I have seen since Maine and watched wild Sea Otters playing in the kelp beds and the Elephant Seals by the hundreds that haul themselves up onto the beaches to fight, mate and nurse their young. Many of the young pups lay dead on the bech from drowning in the storms or getting crushed by the big males or just lose their way and cannot find their mothers to nurse them. We also saw our first Brants, Surf Scoters, Brandts Commorants and Horned Grebes. The wildlife along the Pacific Coast is just amazing! Also the towering trees, the rugged cliffs and the green, green hills are truly something everyone should ttake the time to see. We finished our day driving about 70 miles of this mountainous terrain in the dark and the rain making for a very exciting ending to the day and we were gald to finaly see the lights of Monterey and most of all the very rare and endangered 25 dollar California motel room! The room even had a fireplace! Considering it cost 35-50 dollars to tent out in a California State Park this was a no brainer! I  saw on TV that California is so broke it is going after dog owners who do not get their pets licensed so that they can recoup all that lost money! We also paid a record $3.59 for gas in the wonder they call it the Golden State......better bring your Gold AMX card!!

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