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Monday, February 1, 2010

Taking a ZERO in Austin Texas

Nothing new today, we are in no hurry to get anywhere until Sheila's checkup on the 9th, so we found a twenty nine dollar motel to hunker down in this nasty drizzly cold weather. Thought I'd leave with a short quick poem I kinda daydreamed into while on the three day train trip back to Texas.

Give Me the Mountains
Give me the mountains,
The mountain‘s cold breeze.
I’ll take the trail,
The trail ’neath the trees.
Give me the friends,
The friends on the A.T.
I’ll take the wind,
It sounds good to me,
Give me the night,
The night and the stars,
I’ll take the freedom to be just who we are.
Give me the heart,
The heart for the next climb.
And I’ll take the love,
I’ll not leave behind.
For traveling alone,
Is traveling blind.

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