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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gypsy Tribe ChocSox Spotted in Ogallala!

Well yes we woke up the other day and decided that since we had to leave the InTown Suites motel we we staying in, that we should make good our escape from Dallas, at least for a short time! We left Dallas it only yesterday...and drove to Wachita Kansas. This morning we left Washita and headed north again and now find ourselves in Ogallala Nebraska! It has been almost 900 miles of mind numbing rangy cattle and grey fields of corn stubble with nothing along the way to even consider taking a picture of. We have spotted many turkey, prairie hawks and even a bald eagle soaring above the barren plains looking fo anything to kill and eat! Our plan when we left was no plan at all, just drive. Now we have formed a plan along these lines but anything including the changing weather and dropping temps could change it to Rapid City, South Dakota and see Mount Rushmore, Badlands and Wind Cave National Parks, then head west and south through Wyoming into Colorado and see Pikes Peak, The River Gorge Bridge and as many others things to see as possible before returning to Dallas for Sheila's doctor appointment on the 7th of April. Hopfully we will have some pics and stories worth sharing on theis blog as the ttrip continues...stay tuned!

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