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Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Royal Gorge Bridge

The Royal Gorge Bridge and Park is right outside Canyon Colorado and the bridge spans the Arkansas River 1000 feet below. It is truly something to see and  we drove Farkus across 3 times just to experience it and to take a few pictures. We also rode the tram across the gorge twice and the incline railway took us down into the gorge and back up.

Farkus on the plank deck of the bridge

Toesox at the Bridge Marker

Chaco near his homestate sign

(note-between the planks you can see 1000 ft
to the river & gorge below!)

The tram halfway across the gorge

Looking straight down 1000 feet to
the raging Arkansas River below

The steepest Incline Railway in the world
takes you all the way down to the river
and back.

Halfway down to the river meeting the
other rail car coming back up.

Looking up at the bridge from 1000 ft
down into the gorge.

The tram looks like a little dot going
across the gorge.

Sign explaining wooden water pipe
that used to feed Canyon City 8 miles

Remnants of old wooden pipe at bottom of gorge.
It was strapped to side of gorge right above the
raging river. I cannot believe they actually did this.

Closeup of old wooden water pipe system

Toesox tries on a warmer hat in the gift shop.

Good shot of height of the bridge over the gorge.

Chaco earning his keep.

This is what hard work gets you!

"Dance Hall Girl" my ass!!!

What time is chow served in this joint!?

Does this chair make my ass look fat?

A white Bison (buffalo).

Bighorn Sheep

Good view of almost the whole bridge.

Farkus takes one last ride across.

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