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Saturday, July 24, 2010

A different day, same hospital

We are still at the hospital, last night after all her treatments they recommended that Sheila spend the night because she was spiking another fever. They also said her blood oxygen levels were still low. The nurse said that she thought maybe Sheila needed more whole blood but she had just received two units of whole blood and another one of platelets. The doctor on call at the hospital put her on oxygen overnight and gave her more fuilds to help flush out her system. They also took another chest x-ray and we have not heard back about that yet. So now we just sit here and wait to see what they will do next. Sheila feels pretty good and had a breakfast of Cheerios again. She ate some fish at dinner last night but still does not feel much like eating. We are hoping they will let us out of here, but she will still have to get her fluids and nupergen injection for the day, eitther here or at the ancer Center. Justing waiting to see whats next.

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