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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chemo to start in the morning from square one!

This morning we went to have Sheila's lab work and to see Dr. DiStephano. Her blood work is now starting to show the luekemia is back and so chemo is to start in the morning. Her MUGA scan showed her heart was ok to start this aggressive chemo and so tomorrow she will start two kinds of treatment at the same time. One type of chemo will be infused daily through the port in her arm and given at the ACC (Arlington Cancer Center) and another will also start tomorrow attached to her through a backpack setup and run for five days. The idea is to kick this thing right back into remission. When that round is complete we go back next Wednesday to see the doctor and do more blood work then more chemo. We know this routine well and it looks like our days will now be spent going back to the ACC everyday. Just hoping this next remission will be longer than the last!

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