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Monday, August 16, 2010

2PM Update

The Cardiologist (Dr. Vignale ....mispelled in last post) has called in a pulminary specialist to help sort out Sheila's heart problem. His name is Dr. Plump. We have not seen him yet. Sheila's blood pressure while still not reading at all on the regular cuff method sometimes is measuring 100 /65 as best they can tell using the doppler method. She feels slightly better but very sleepy. Dr. DiStephano (oncologist) just stopped in for the first time and said that her bone marrow biopsy still showed lukemia blast in her marrow. He said they cannot start anymore chemo until they can sort out her heart problem. He also said though the type of chemo she completed weeks ago, while more powerful than anything she had in the past, and can cause these types of problems, he is surprised that it has happened with only one round of this type of chemo. So as before this heart problem has to be sorted out before we worry about any lukemia treatments. This is what really stinks about the whole process.....the treatment is sometimes worse than the disease it is supposed to control/cure!

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