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Monday, August 23, 2010

Still no words to write but a very comforting letter from an AT friend

       I recieved this letter today, it was the only thing in our mailbox, which made it that much nicer.

Chaco & Toesocks,

    We only met briefly for 2 days over 2 years ago. It was Trail Days in Damascus.
I have no idea why you both stuck in my mind. I met hundreds of people that year.
I've followed your trials and your adventures in your facebook posts and on your blog.
I didn't post comments often, but I loved seeing your pictures and reading about
your travels and adventures.
    Now Toesocks is on the ulitmate adventure. It's the one trip I think we are all
preparing for in one way or another.
   Now I am at a loss for words; for what to say next. I  only hope that I can start that
final trail with her spirit and joy.
                                                         Forever in my memory-
                                                        To Sheila (Toesocks) Black
                                                                                        Connie Cockrell

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