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Monday, August 2, 2010

Waiting in line for platelets

We are back at the hospital. We spent all day yesterday in the house because we didn't know how Sheila's white counts were doing. This morning we went to the ACC for lab work and to see the doctor. Good was her white counts were now up to 6500 and that's right at the begining of "normal". We could now at least go outside and to a restaurant if we wanted. The bad new was that her platelets were still low and she needed a transfusion. So off to the hospital it was for us. When we got here we found that the hospital had a new procedure and that we were to go to admissions first and do al the paperwork over from scratch. Now we will have to go through this routiine everytime we come here. Also when we got up to the blood room they also had a new routine of not even ordering the platelets or blood until the patient arrived. So here it is one and a half hours later and we are just sitting here still waiting on the platelets to arrive!

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