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Monday, September 20, 2010

Lonely Ranch Road

Scattered my love above a lonely ranch road
Like a promise made and a debt still owed
Released to the winds by two she loved
Free to fly on like the spanish dove
High above that broken heart ranch
High above the tamarack branch
Looking down she will see him ride out
On his favorite mount, the cowboy scout
To check on the fences, the corn and the cows
To check on the water, the field and the plow
If you look in the morning or late in the eve
When the sun is still rising or setting with ease
You will sometimes see them both on that ridge
Between this life and that across a far bridge
One flies to the east on a strong steady wing
One rides to the west where the cowboys still sing

For Sheila and Greg - two truest loves leaving two broken hearts - you both are loved more than ever and will never be forgotten. Please watch over us both!

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