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Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Little Lost Boy

Both a little lost boy and a weary old man
Don't know where I'm going or know who I am
We travelled all over free as the weeds
A couple of gypsies like wind blown seeds
It was more than the time together we spent
It was more than all of the places we went
Like the sun and the moon and the stars up above
You were all of the good I was ever made of
You've gone on a trip and left me behind
I  travel alone now searching to find
My life now feels over and I'm always afraid
Without you alongside me what life can be made
Both a little lost boy and a weary old man
Don't know where I'm going or know who I am



  1. You have family and many friends who love you,you are never alone,you will have a new life, not as good as before but a good one

  2. Thanks Marie! I do know that is true, without my sisters and friends like you I am afraid to think of where I would be right now. I love you!