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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sisters Four

I have four sisters I surely like
Each one different, each alike
First came me then sisters two
Add a brother then two more too
Each a beauty and if keeping score
Next more beautiful than the one before
Each unique in their own way
Not one best on a given day
One is funny, one is smart
One is serious, one is not
One is loving, one is kind
One is trying to make up her mind
One is bold, one is meek
One hugs my arm walking down the street
One likes walking, one likes wine
One teaches me yoga from time to time
One likes dogs, one likes cats
One likes horses and cowboy hats
One likes coffee, one likes tea
One likes hiking in the woods with me
They are the best these sisters four
Just not possible to love them more
I'll steal a line which I hope you'll pardon...
" Four different flowers from the same garden"


1 comment:

  1. a beautiful poem I am sure they will treasure forever....I know I would.

    Take good care,