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Friday, June 5, 2009

Broke down in Bridgeport, CT

Well we made it to Ct. yesterday and camped at a nice little State Park called Kettletown. It has been 3 nights camping and 3 nights very low budget motels so far. We are in Bridgeport, Ct. right now waiting on word on our car. It started running hot just this morning as we were in bumper to bumper traffic getting closer to my sister's house in Trumbull. It never did over heat and when it got to highway speed it seemed to run at normal temps. I cannot see that the electric cooling fan is coming on at all so that is what they are looking at. We are in a McDonalds just killing time till we hear from Roy's Auto Repair which is a one bay shop and gas station. At least if it had to happen we are not stranded at night on the side of some highway in the middle of nowhere.

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