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Monday, June 8, 2009

Last Night in Trumbull

Toesocks and Chaco walking the Dogs
Shasha and Lucy

Toesocks and Lucy

Well its after 11PM and we hit the trail in the morning. My sister Sue and her husband Mike have kindly offered to drive us to Bellvale, New York and drop us at the trailhead there. There is a icecream stand there that Toesocks walked five miles on a broken leg to get to after falling near the NJ/NY border last year. We will start again from this exact spot. We are both what hikers call purists meaning that we hike every single blaze of the AT. We do not slack pack (hiking with a half loaded pack or daypack) or blueblaze (taking connecting trail shortcuts) or take shuttle rides further north to hike a section in a southerly direction because the terrain that way is easier. We will only hike every blaze (including shelter loops) from south to north, in order, till we reach Mount Katahdin, Maine. Tomorrow the dream to finish the entire Appalacian Trail south to north continues! Wish us luck and stay tuned for hopefully some great stories and pictures!

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