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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

No Rain, No Pain, No Maine!

Well true to form we start hiking to Maine today and its is RAINING!!! Mike and Sue will be dropping us at the trail near Bellvale, New York in a couple hours and the forecast is showers and more showers. But at least it is not cold and raining and I guess all the water sources will not be dry! Have to look on the bright side. We will have about 30 miles to get to Bear Mountain New York and finally get to walk through the ZOO there that Toesocks was looking forward to on last years hike. The trail passes right through it! There even looks to be a deli on the way according to last years Appalachian Pages data book! We will try to keep the blog updated as we pass through the trail towns along the AT. THANK YOU to ALL the friends and family who put up with us and let us stay with them along the way! Hope to see you all again when this journey is completed!!


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