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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Today Dr. DiStefano said Sheila is going to go home! That's the word that's come down from the nurses. We have no idea why as her white count yesterday was only 800 and needed to be 15-1600. We have a suspicion it has to do with the insurance company?? Will know more when the doctor makes his daily visit to see Sheila. He told the nurses ahead of time so we could prepare to get her things together and I also went to our storage and dug out some clothes for her. She has only had either hospital gowns or the clothes we were on the trail in. She has been in the hospital for one month today! We are wondering about the antibiotic IV, chemo and changing the dressing on her open wound from the surgery....I guess it will all be explained when the doctor get here. At least it looks like we will get outta here!!!!

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  1. Wow. such good news. We have thought of you both so often this past month and are glad that you will have some freedom! xoxo-share