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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In a New House Today!

Today was a very busy day. We went to the Arlington Cancer Center for Sheila to have yet another bone marrow biopsy and more blood work. They had the results of the blood ready in one hour and her white count and platelets have more than doubled in one day! Her white count is now 1.6 or 1600 and that is close to normal! Her platelets have skyrocketed and everything looks as good as can be. She will not have to go back till Monday when she starts consolidation chemo. It will be one week of daily outpatient chemo. She also scored a free hat (see pics) that a local church makes for cancer patients at no charge. It it not to hide her bald head, she goes everywhere with her Appalachian Trail haircut! It does keep her head warm in all these freezing Texas air-conditioned places. We had been staying in a room we rented from "WE CARE, Inc.", a local non profit outfit that helps cancer patients. The lady who owns all the houses had put mothballs in the attic of the house we were staying to get rid of raccoons that were in the attic. The fumes were unbelievable so she moved us to a new house near Lake Arlington and it it also much nicer! Sheila has two sisters flying in from Michigan tomorrow night and Carol is letting them stay in the same house with their own room.

It has been great to have her finally get out of the hospital after almost a month and be together in our "own place"! Tomorrow and the weekend we do not have to be anywhere and will just enjoy the new house and taking it easy.

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