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Monday, July 27, 2009

More Chemo, More Chemo, More Chemo.....

Well we went to the doctor's this morning and Sheila's blood work all came out with good results. Now that round 2 of chemo is complete her counts will start dropping and the doctor said she will have a few more rounds of chemo, one or two more exactly like she just had and then one or two more of a different kind of chemo. They will be a couple weeks apart and in between we are hoping that her arm may begin to heal up. We see her surgeon on Wednesday and I am guessing that he will talk about some kind of skin graft to close up her wound. I hope not, but judging on the size of the opening I do not see how it could close up through healing alone. Will just have to wait and see. So now we have tomorrow with no appointments and we may try and get out and see a movie.

P.S. The cover pic today is of Sheila on top of "The Lighthouse" in Palo Duro State Park in the Texas panhandle. Here is link:

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