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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Surgeon Says Arm Looks Very Good!

We just returned from seeing the surgeon and he said Sheila's arm looks very good and that she can now shower and wash it and try and use it as much as possible. He said the worse thing you could do for it is not use it. I still need to change the dressing once a day but it can now be washed in the shower. He also said that although the wound is about an inch wide and four inches long that it could heal up and close all on its own but to keep in mind that it may require a graft sometime in the future. All in all very good news! Tomorrow we have to go to the Arlington Cancer Center lab for blood work then we have a 3 day weekend and do not have to see the doctor again until Monday when they do more blood work.

Note: The cover picture today is of a blaze (trail sign) on the Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin. Sheila and I hiked 6 sections of the ICT last winter in the snow. The tree had grown up all around the sign and made for a good picture.

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