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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Three Day Weekend Canceled!

Oh well.......we went to the clinic today just to get Sheila's bloodwork done and the results were that she needs a transfusion on Saturday! Her counts must have come way down (we knew they would, but not this quick) after chemo. It will be done at the hospital and we need to be there at 9:30AM on Saturday. We were hoping to have a few days with no treatment before we see Dr. DiStefano on Monday. Oh well, as they say, " you cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust your sails". The good side is that any new blood they give her can only help her arm heal up quicker. Thats about it for an update, its just getting to be our routine now...we were used to getting up and hiking all day, now we get up and go to the clinic or hospital. We used to be surrounded by the most fit and healthy people around, now we are around some of the sickest. It has been an eye-opener for both of us. It just goes to show you how little control you really have over what happens to you. I am reminded of our 25 year old friend Low Impact who hiked the entire 2175 mile AT last year and this week just competed hiking the 500 mile Colorado Trail and is now hitch-hiking his way to Alaska. He used to tell me that he sometimes felt he should be back to school and work toward a more "responsible" and conventional life. I say "GO HUGE" it ALL while you have your health and your youth. To paraphrase Henry Thoreau...many people waste their lives "getting their living" and because of that never really live!

Note: The picture today is one of my favorites. Sheila watching the sunset over the dunes at Monahan Sandhill State Park in far west Texas.

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