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Sunday, August 9, 2009

"beware the hobby that eats" - henry david thoreau

Well today was a repeat of yesterday, big surprise.........did almost nothing! We did go to Cracker Barrel for a late breakfast then Sheila took a rest while I met my youngest daughter Jacki and her boyfriend at McDonalds for lunch. After lunch I did one of my most favorite things in the world, second only to sticking a red hot sharpened poker in my eye......I went to Walmart on a weekend!! We only needed a few things. It was a real test of my well known patience to work my way around the hords of slow moving overweight waddlers pushing their overloaded carts of sugar laden treats for their misbehaving obese offspring! Then of course there are the herds of electrically propelled chuck wagon drivers who think pedestrians inside a Walmart have no right of way and that we are only delaying their next chowing down. I am not talking about the elderly or truly handicapped people that actually need an electric cart. I am talking about the gravitationally challenged "people" who because they had an ingrown toenail or a bad hair day somewhere back in their one branch family tree and talked a pill pushing "Dr. Phil" into giving them a handicap sticker for their car. These people need a real doctor to tell them "HELL NO, I'm not giving you a handicap sticker, you in fact need to park five miles from Walmart and walk to your next week's supply of food!" Its not like anyone these days needs to actually go out and grow something or find something to kill to eat! OK, OK....don't get me started on the people in Walmart! I know.. too late!
Anyways Sheila goes in for bone marrow biopsy number 6 tomorrow.....she likes them about the same as I like Walmart. I think it would be less painful for me than Walmart. I hope I never have to find out though! Her arm is really starting to look like it's actually healing now......I hope the surgeon on Wednesday doesn't plan on cutting on it anymore. Tomorrow we should also find out if chemo starts again on Tuesday, chances are it will. A day at a time I guess, a day at a time.

The cover picture today is of "tent city" on board the Alaska Ferry Malispina on it's way through the Inside Passge.

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  1. uncle steve, i think this officially rant ;) great reading; I too abhor WalMart and wholeheartedly agree that those fatties need to park two towns away for their fix of doritos and hot pockets.