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Monday, August 10, 2009

Bone Marrow Biopsy and Ton's Mongolian Grill

Today we had to go to the Cancer Center for Sheila's bone marrow biopsy. Before we went there we had to stop at the lab and get her blood work done. Dr. DiStefano said her blood counts were all looking good right now, her white counts have doubled everyday since Friday when we saw him last. Her platelets are fantastic and her red cells were all good. This means its OK to start chemo again tomorrow morning. This round of chemo will be given on the same schedule as the last one. Two days of one kind of chemo and at the same time a five day drip from her chemo backpack of another kind of chemo. It is called a 2&5. He also did the bone marrow biopsy, I think this is number 6! While doing the biopsy he was telling us that he has a dog at home that is also getting chemo and how much cheaper dog chemo is than for humans! Hmmmm, maybe we can change Sheila's name to Princess or Lady!?? This biopsy went better than the last one for Sheila, it was less uncomfortable.
After all this we went to Ton's for lunch! This is one of our favorite places to eat and we have taken anyone who visits us to go eat at Ton's.
Also last night Mike and Graig came back to the house after being home in Kansas for a week or so. They were surprised seeing the quart of real Michigan maple syrup that Harvey and Ulonda, Sheila's brother-in-law and sister sent down to them. They make right there on their farm in Kinross, Michigan. We have had the house to ourselves for all that time. Carol, the lady who own' s these houses did bring another couple here but they decided to stay at one of her other houses. We saw them today as we left the Cancer Center. When we went to the post office today we also received a very nice card from Rene "She-Dino" Swicewood, a hiker friend of ours. Thanks Rene and everyone else for all the cards, thoughts and prayers!!!
The cover pic today is of Sheila "Toesocks-Survivor woman" Black on our 2008 AT thru-hike. We had tented out the night before and after hiking about 5-8 miles the next morning started to realize that we had just dodged a major storm that same night. There was miles of fresh leaves all over the ground from what we could only assume was one hell of a hail storm. Then we started seeing branches and entire trees down on the trail! That night we had a little rain and heard distant thunder but really got lucky that we didn't have to ride it out under an eight ounce spinnaker tarp!

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