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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Goodbye Dallas!!

Today we had no treatments or anywhere to be and Sheila's doctor will not start any additional rounds of chemo until her blood counts climb back up. So.....instead of sitting around the WE CARE, Inc. house until Tuesday when she has to have her CVC ports flushed out we hit the road in her Miata! Our plan was to go to Caddo Lake in east Texas and stay at Spatterdock Cabins but Dotty the owner of Spatterdock did not have any openings with such short notice. She did call us back and said she had a cancellation for Sunday night and that we could have the Duckweed Cabin on that night if we wanted it. We took it! This is the first time we have gone to Caddo with out kayaks and all the paddling gear. We just want to sit around the cabin, walk on the docks and eat at the Shady Glade Cafe. Just to get away from all the treatments and doctors and patients will be a treatment in itself. We may even splurge and go on a steam powered paddle boat ride just like all the other Dallas tourists we used to see while we paddled out on the lake. Right now we are in Marshall, Texas about 20 miles from the tiny town of Uncertain where the Spatterdock Cabins are located. We got a room for the night and will head to Duckweed Cabin sometime tomorrow....after we sleep in late! Looking forward to getting back to the swamp and woods and mosquitoes and nosies of the lake as opposed to the noisy cars and traffic and rude and self absorbed phonies of the big city!

Video Link Caddo Tour (see if you can spot the gators!)

Caddo Cabins and Lake Houses Tour (strange but cool at the same time)

Above pic is our camp on Goat Island deep in the swamp at Caddo Lake, and NO.......our bivies are NOT alligator proof!

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