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Monday, August 31, 2009

Back From Caddo Lake

Sheila on the dock behind Duckweed Cabin

Lily pads on Caddo Lake

Sitting on Dock Bench among the Cypress and Spanish Moss

Sheila's Miata in front of Duckweed Cabin

We just got back from a relaxing weekend at Caddo Lake. Many things have changed since we used to go there paddling and camping or staying at one of Dottie's cabins. many area restaurants and small grocery stores are closed down. The bad economy and several business owner's deaths have cause most or our favorite places to close or change hands. The Shady Glade Cafe was still open although with new owners and it is just not the same and WAY too expensive for small town meal prices. The Caddo Grocery was closed due to the owner's death and the whole building has been moved down the street and stands abandoned for the new owner maybe open at a later date. Another restaurant under the Highway 43 bridge was just gone! The entire building just vanished! Many other changes and none for the better. Dottie's cabins are still the same and as always a great place to get away. we did nothing, just sit around and relax. Hate to be back in the DFW area again! We stopped by the Cancer Center on the way home and had Sheila's dressing changed and ports flushed. Now she is free until Thursday when we see the doctor again.

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