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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Taking Woodstock

We have had a few good days with no treatments or doctors and Sheila has been feeling good. Mike and Greg left overnight to attend a funeral. Her twin sister's mother in law passed away, so they drove to Stephenville for the funeral. They now have radiation everyday for a new tumor they found in Greg's side so they have to go to the Cancer Center on the way back here later today. We may also have another couple here for awhile starting today. They are from west Texas and she has breast cancer. We have not met them yet and Carol told us last night that she has not heard back from them. We went to see Taking Woodstock yesterday with my daughter Jacki and her boyfriend Joe. The movie was not very good and I was disappointed it did not have much of the music or any of the performances in it. We only went to see if we could spot Low, our AT hiker friend who was in it as an extra along with Ten O'clock, Pathfinder and Quiet Riot. We couldn't spot any of the others but Low was clearly in one scene shown sitting on top of a car as the motorcycle cop gives the lead actor a ride down to the concert passing hoards of concert goers. It was neat to see him on the screen.
After the movie we all went to Pizziolo's for pizza!

Picture today is of Sheila up on the Hubbard Glacier in Alaska. We took a helicopter tour then landed on top to walk around and explore.

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