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Thursday, September 3, 2009

More Good News from the Doctor

Today we went to see Dr. DiStefano and all Sheila's bloodwork all came back normal. Her counts all went way up and everything looks good! Her platelets and red cells went sky high and her white counts came right back up to normal. She is doing as good as can be with this leukemia, nothing could be any better! She will start another round of chemo called a 2-5 just like the last one and then later a couple of very high dose chemo rounds. I asked the doctor if she could fly up to Newport for Thankgiving and he thinks he can works her rounds of treatment around this and we "should" have a one week window at Thankgiving! Nothing is for sure yet, we have to see how she does but it all looks good so far! Tomorrow I volunteered to do some work for Carol at one of her other WE CARE houses since Sheila has no appointments until Wednesday.

Pic today is of me and Sheila camping on the Butterfield Trail in Arkansas.

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