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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Three Thousand Dollar Ointment?!!!!

At 9:00AM we went to have Dr. Bowers the surgeon look at Sheila's arm and he said it looks good and is healing. This time he actually scrubbed on it a little and showed us that when we change the dressing we need to "not be gentle" and to rub the open wound with gauze until it is all pink and fresh looking tissue, even if it bleeds. He also said to even try a soft toothbrush on it to get it really clean. He then gave us a new prescription to put on it and said we "may" have a problem getting Sheila's insurance to pay for it as it was "alittle" expensive. We found out just how expensive when we went to the Walmart Pharmacy and the lady said it had to be special ordered and would be in tomorrow afternoon.....and it cost THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!! This for an ounce or two of ointment!? What the hell does $3000.00 dollar ointment do???....grow a new arm?!! Luckily Sheila had called her insurance company first and they said our cost would be just $50.00! Anyways we go back to the surgeon in a week for another checkup, meanwhile it is to the Infusion Center everyday for her antibiotic IV.

The picture above is of Sheila in a Forest Service rowboat on Punchbowl Lake in Alaska's Misty Fjords. We had hiked up the mountain behind our kayak camp to a lake. In the lake was an island and in the island was another lake. The Forest Service had built a three sided shelter on top of the mountain and airlifted a canoe and a rowboat for people to use. I told Sheila she looked like Katherine Hepurn in The African Queen. I called this picture the Alaskan Queen!

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