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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ripleys' Believe It Or Not!

Well, today after going to the Infusion Center for Sheila's daily dose of antibiotics we went to Walmart and picked up the $3000.00 tube of ointment. It is only 15 grams (about the size of a travel size toothpaste tube). It has to be refrigerated and is made from human platelets. Anyways to make a long story short we put the medicine on her arm a few hours ago and low and behold........her arm is miraculously all healed, her leukemia is gone, her hair all grew back long and blond and right now Sheila is out on a five mile run! When she gets back from her run we are packing up the Miata and driving up to New York and finishing the AT and the Long Trail! OK..... that's what I expected for fifteen hundred dollars an ounce for a damn ointment!! Back to the real world.......after we left the Infusion Center we did go to Walmart and get the prescription filled for the REGRANEX gel. I have just now, at 7:22PM finished putting the ointment on her arm after she has showered and cleaned the wound. It says to put a small amount to cover the wound with a 1/16 inch of the ointment. Then we are to cover it with a moistened gauze and leave it on for 12 hours. After 12 hours we are to clean the wound and rinse off any remaining ointment and dress it with only a clean gauze. Next Wednesday we go back to see the surgeon and see how it looks. Tomorrow (Friday) we go to Arlington Cancer Center to have lab work and to see Dr. DiStefano the oncologist to see if the antibiotic IVs will continue and to see what her blood counts are, and also when the next round of chemo starts. I also bought a pair of sneakers today (the only real shoes I have since leaving New York...we have been wearing our hiking sandals everyday) so I can start running again. All this sitting around is not good for me physically or mentally, I need to get outside and burn off some calories!

NOTE: The cover pic today is of Sheila at the summit of Mt. Roberts in Juneau Alaska. She is leaning against Father Browns Cross taking in the view through the cloud cover of Juneau far below. We saw our very first black bear up close and personal on our way to the summit. We were the first hikers of the day up there and he was sleeping just off the trail in some heavy cover. When we hiked by he woke and jumped up about 50 feet from me. We backed off slowly to give him room but he decided instead to come right down onto the trail with us! Then he just looked at both of us and slowly walked up the trail away from us. We waited about 30 minutes then went the same way as him to the summit.

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