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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Unsociable Insecurity

So this morning we went to breakfast at IHOP and had a good breakfast, then the real fun began. We had no doctors or lab appointments so we went to the Unsociable Insecurity Office to apply for Shiela's retirement benefits. We logged into the lobby's computer and were issued a printout with a number to wait to be called. After waiting only about 30 minutes (we got there fairly early) we were called up to a window where the lady took all Sheila's information and then proceeded to tell us we had to once again go have a seat and wait "about 2 hours" to be seen by another person. I told her that Sheila had leukemia and could not sit and wait that long. She said in that case she could set up an appointed time to be seen by someone. "OK, make us an appointment and we will come back", I said. She looked through her computer and then told me that they were booked up the rest of the month. "OK, make us an appointment for NEXT month", I said. "We cannot make appointments THAT far in advance, you will have to just call us or come back NEXT month to make an appointment" THAT far in advance?.....NEXT month is two weeks away, I can make a damn dentist appointment a YEAR in advance, the FEDERAL government cannot make an appointment 2 weeks out!!??? This is the kind of idiotic, incompetent bureaucracy we have to deal with at ANY level of government! Why should I be surprised? We took the phone number down but will try and do this on the SSI web site. And they now want to take over and run the entire health care system? The ONLY thing this government can do efficiently is waste our tax dollars and rob us blind!

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