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Thursday, August 13, 2009



Living Room

Dining Area


Living Area

Sheila relaxing in the living room

This is the house we are staying in while Sheila undergoes cancer treatments.It is a little further away from the hospital and the Cancer Center than the first WE CARE house we stayed at but it is nicer and there are more stores and other services around here. It is run and owned by a lady named Carol who is a cancer survivor herself and bought these houses after she was well enough to help other people have a nicer place to stay than a motel. People come from all over the world to be treated at the Arlington Cancer Center which is right next door to the Arlington Memorial Hospital. There are 4 bedrooms one of which has two queen beds to provide several people and/or their families a comfortable place to stay. The house has everything you would need and even the little things like bath towels are like you would find in a fine hotel, thick and large. There is cable TV in all the bedrooms and also WIFI throughout the house. Right now there is another couple from Kansas who are also staying here, Mike and her husband Graig who is sick with bone cancer. They are a really nice couple who own a ranch in Kansas.
Today Sheila is on day three of a five day course of chemo. It is administered through a waist pack that she can take around with her. It will be taken off on Sunday when this round is complete. Then we should have a week or two of no chemo until the next round is scheduled. Her arm wound is healing nicely and it must partly be due to the very expensive gel we have been putting on it. It is made with human platelets and has to be kept refrigerated.

The cover pic today is of me and Sheila paddling in the Misty Fjords. We are looking around the many small islands in the Behm Canal where we saw the Orcas hunting seals. The seals were all bunched up on the small rocky island and were afraid to go into the water.

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