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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Alabama Bound

We just got back from the Cancer Center lab and had Sheila's blood work done, it should all be good though because she just had an infusion of blood and platelets yesterday. We are back at our room in the We Care house and we have 4 days off from any treatments and doctors. Sheila feels great and spent the last two days with the help of Mike working on organizing the sunroom here. It has been cluttered up with Carol's many project materials and now with their help it is usable again as a nice sitting room. The small cut on her hand has healed up thanks to the platelet infusion and the doctor didnt think she would even need a tetinus shot for it. Sheila thought it would be good to get away from here for awhile so we are loading up her Miata (that will take all of 2 minutes!) and heading to Alabama to see her sister Nancy. She lives in Jacksonville just east of Birmingham. It is about 700 miles and we probably will stay overnight in Vicksberg, Mississippi which is about halfway, since we are leaving later in the afternon today.

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