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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Out for Blood!

We are at this moment at the Arlington Memorial Hospital's Infusion Center. We normally go to the Cancer Center's Infusion Center for chemo but when Sheila needs blood and/or platelets we have to go to the hospital. Right now there are four other patients in here with us and they are mostly asleep or watching TV in the recliners they have here. They fed us all a very good turkey and potato lunch which was a surprise! I am on the laptop trying to work on my book but not getting very far. Sheila is asleep. She is on unit 2 of whole blood and has also had a unit of platelets. By tomorrow this should help her feel much more active as she has been very tired lately due to lack of red cells in her blood. We were going to try and do some more work for Carol today but it looks like it will be a busy weak of running back and forth for blood work. When her counts come back she will have a new kind of chemo and the doctor said it may be another week or two before he starts it. By that time we will be in the home stretch of her treatments with only one more round after this one planned. Then it will be wait and see what happens. Hopefully the leukemia will be gone for good, if not another game plan will have to be implemented.

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