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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thankgiving Planning

We just got back from the Infusion Center and Sheila had the last day (day 2) of one kind of chemo done. Now all we have is wait until her 5 day backpack chemo runs out sometime on Monday and get her disconnected from it. Then we should have only blood tests and such until the next round. Supposedly the next two and I hope last rounds of chemo will be very potent stuff (like the last were not?) and if all goes well will put this damn AML in remission for good!

We also are starting to look at airfares to get up to Newport Rhode Island for Thankgiving. My sister Imp rented the house we all grew up in for the Thanksgiving Holiday! Kinda weird thinking we may all be back in that house again. Too many thoughts about growing up there and most of them are not good, but like my sister Sue has said.....we get a "do over"! Anyways I for one am looking forward to it, espeically if all four of my sisters are there! The doctor thinks we may have a one week window and to go ahead and make plans, just don't count on it 100% yet. Hoping to fly into New Haven Connecticut to my sister Sue's where we had to leave our car when Sheila got sick, then drive to Newport for Thanksgiving and afterwards drive back to Texas. Keeping our fingers crossed!

Above pic is of the house we all grew up in at 705 Thames Street in Newport, RI that my sister Imp took. It sure looks alot better than when we lived there!

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