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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Yardwork All Day

Today we had nothing to do so I got to work on Carol's backyard here at the WE CARE house where we are staying. I still have wiring to do at her other house but that will have to wait for another day. Carol has an old two cycle lawnmower that has been giving her problems but I managed to get it started and mowed half the backyard before I discovered that the damn thing was self propelled! I had over looked a small gear shift down by one back wheel! It had been in neutral and I pushed that overbuilt tank of a commercial mower over more than half the yard before I noticed it! I was thinking, "man am I getting tired, I must be outta shape big time!" The thing weighs a TON! But when I put in in third gear it flew over the remainder of the yard. The yard had once been very nice but since Carol is the only one doing the yard work she has let it get the best of her over time. I also trimmed all the overgrown shrubs and trees and cleaned up a lot of trash and broken branches in the yard. Then I cleaned some old lawn furniture that was stacked up in one corner of her yard and made a nice place for Sheila and Mike to sit out in the shade. I have not done that kind of work in quite awhile and in the heat it really kicked my butt. Afterwards Sheila and I went to Wendy's for a quick dinner and settled in to watch Ben-Hur on TV tonight. Tomorrow we also have no doctors or lab until Monday.

The pic today is of Sheila on top of a famous AT landmark - McAfee Knob

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